Strawberry cake with quark


2 dl whip­ped cream
1 dl quark
200 g straw­ber­ry jam
icing sugar


0,3 l straw­ber­ries
3 dl whip­ped cream
icing sugar

Whip 2 dl cream fla­vo­red with icing sugar. Mois­ten the layer cakes with for example water. Spread out all straw­ber­ry jam on the first layer and spread then out half of the whip­ped cream. Put on the second layer. Mix quark and the rest of the whip­ped cream and spread out on the second layer. Final­ly put on the third layer. Cover the who­le cake with whip­ped cream and deco­ra­te with straw­ber­ries on top.