Welcome to the Boström bakery!

Boström’s bakery in Lepplax has been making high quality products for every occasion since 1939.

Our main pro­ducts are swiss rolls which are sold eve­ryw­he­re in Fin­land under our own brand and also as pri­va­te label rolls. One quar­ter of our pro­duc­tion goes for export.

In addi­tion to swiss rolls we make delicious pastries and muf­fins, biscuits and gin­ger breads. Frozen pro­ducts are manu­fac­tu­red on cont­ract. Sponge cakes and layer cakes are made for both con­su­mers and other bake­ries.

With a new pro­duc­tion- and pac­ka­ging line we doubled our pro­duc­tion capaci­ty in 2014.

Delicious treats are a must – Celebrate every day!

Swiss rolls


Double-pack products

Layer cakes

Gluten free

Single-pack products

Semi-finished products