Raspberry cake with chocolate


75 g but­ter
60 g icing sugar
50 g choco­la­te
1,5 dl whip­ped cream
75 g rasp­ber­ry jam


2,5 dl whip­ped cream
icing sugar
250 g rasp­ber­ries

Whip but­ter and icing sugar. Melt choco­la­te and add it into the but­ter mix­tu­re. Mois­ten the layer cakes with for example water. Spread out the choco­la­te mix­tu­re on the first layer. Put on the second layer. Whip 4 dl cream fla­vo­red with icing sugar. Take 1/3 of the whip­ped cream, mix it with rasp­ber­ry jam and spread out on the second layer. Final­ly put on the third layer. Cover the who­le cake with the rest of the whip­ped cream and deco­ra­te with rasp­ber­ries.